“Like their news-bin brethren, you’ll find abandoned newsstands scattered throughout downtown San Francisco. I’ve been a fan of re-using newsbins, but I hadn’t really though about doing anything larger until I saw what the folks at Colpa Press had created on the corner of 6th St and Market. Basically, they’ve rented one of these tiny newsstands and turned into a place to buy magazines… and posters… and records and tapes… and all sorts of cool shit.

Their pop-up shop, called Edicola, features a beautiful collection of hand-bound zines and art. I’ve been thinking about doing another zine sometime soon, and this shop was full of inspiring works from various photographers. If you get the chance, I highly recommend checking this shop out for yourself.

Edicola 987 1/2 Market St – at 6th – San Francisco OPEN TUES-FRI 4-7 // SAT + SUN 12-6” —

I always see this shop when I head into the city for my internship on Saturdays. You piss me off sometimes, San Francisco, but sometimes you’re awfully cute.

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